After a long journey, a decade happens in the blink of an eye; UNER embarks on a new path, one that guards and defends the search for excellence …

This route of evolution and changes is nothing more than an accumulated knowledge-product, a gradual exchange with the own means, resources, and the world around us, a necessary and consequent step in the permanence towards an environment that is shown with the will to continue offering moments filled with a particular magic, provided with abilities that claim to be possessed. This whole process usually takes time, a lot of time, and thus reflects on the next steps that allow and respect the natural flow of ideas.

The time has come, the one in which sailing towards unexplored passages in the middle of an intangible ocean, will allow us to find a port and safe haven in the serene sea of sound space.

So we meet ourselves, with what is the new artistic facet of a musician and producer, two personalities with convictions of their own keeping a common kinship, pilgriming and communing together, towards the leafy and eternal path of poetry made music.