As we already know, UNER is one of the most creative minds of the electronic industry, we also know that he always manages to amaze us with every new project he undertakes.

His latest adventure is UMAMII, an itinerant experience that will travel through Spain in which the artist intends to explore and deepen the multisensory side of the audience through the active stimulation of his 5 senses.

Accompanied by a balanced combination of art, music and energy, UNER proposes an introspective journey that allows us to connect in a different and unknown way up until now with our emotions.

The first UMAMII event was held at Pacha Barcelona with a line-up made up by UNER, Andrea Oliva and Andhim. Little can be said / written about UNER that has not already been done; One of the main exponents of the new wave of national electronic artists that defines the future of the industry.

Umamii is different kind of event, it’s an experience more than just a party. We decided to start with our own event, avoiding to follow the same ideas as other promoters when it comes to marketing, line ups and also installations in the clubs.

We based Umamii on neuromarketing studies, and our goal is to thrill our fans. We want to make each and every person enjoy every moment of the experience through more than just music. I hope that everyone comes with an open mind, to a place where they can meet other similar personalities and forget all their problems!”